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Uncle Paul’s ‘Private Stock™’ Maple Syrup 2014 Maple Syrup Is Ready!
Pure Maple Syrup From The Maples on the Shores of Lake Manchaug.

Sugaring is a hobby business of Paul & Pauline Boutiette, production is very limited, and due to Paul’s sweet tooth and the popularity of our Maple Syrup, our inventory available for sale may also be somewhat limited or out for the season. If we are out of stock, please come back next spring, the earlier the better for chances of getting some of this sweet gold. Our 100% Pure Maple Syrup is made naturally from the sweet sap of maple trees in Manchaug, Massachusetts.

We begin tapping the sugar maples in February when the maple sap begins to run and collect sap until the buds on the maple trees begin to develop in mid to late spring, depending on the weather. The sap runs when the nights are below freezing and when the days are above freezing in the 40’s. This temperature swing is what causes the sap to run and is needed to have a good maple syrup season. Too cold or too warm of a spring will cause the trees to produce less sap and consequently less maple syrup. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. Each tree tap will produce almost a gallon of sap on the best days, and about 10 gallons total for the maple sugaring season.

The lightest syrup, light amber, is early syrup made from sap in February and early March, and medium to dark amber is made later in the sugaring season. As the buds on the trees begin to form the sap takes on a more maple flavor and is darker. Although sugar content is the same in each grade (66% Sugar), the darker syrup has more maple flavor than the lighter syrup.

2009 was our first year in making maple syrup. We collected the sap in milk jugs on the trees and boiled it down in a kettle on a propane stove. After boiling and boiling and boiling, we made a grand total of 3 quarts! But it was soooo gooood!!!! So good in fact that last year we invested in a professional wood fired “Half-Pint” Evaporator from Leader Evaporator in Vermont.


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